Cottonmouth II, Thursday March 13

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Inky Little Egg Teeth

There are oily parts in this screen. Can you see them? Where the words don't take grip, where the pixels slide off? That's where Cottonmouth II's performers are waiting. In the white-space, with their hot words pursed in their hot mouths. Preparing an atomic flash-over of utterances. Better bring your lead vests. Or vests of any kind. We love your vests.

Cottonmouth II sees words overspill Jeffrey-Jay Fowler, Patrick Pittman, Dosh Luckwell, Tiffany Barton, Aletia K Artemis, Jessyca Hutchens, Martin McKenzie-Murray, Maitland Schnaars, Lily Chan and Byron Bard (amongst others) at the Rosemount's Bar 459 on Thursday, March 13. There will be The Ghost of 29 Megacycles taking form in Mr. Gregory Taw and Co. A real, actual poltergeist come to shake you! There will be literary biscuits. There will be an adamantine Tomas Ford causing trouble. There will be zines and keyboards. Do you know of any better reason to break out the vest?

$5 at the door for all the words you could reasonably digest. 7:00 pm for open mic registration, smallish dancing and drinks. The Ghost of 29 Megacycles will corporealise at 8:00 pm. Come down off the roof, listen and speak with us.

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