Cottonmouth III: Return of the Pegs

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April's Cottonmouth was, we'd say, the biggest and best yet. And we don't just say that in terms of press release speak -- we packed the 459 Bar to its rafters once more, and the performers were uniformly wonderful. Sadly, this month you won't get to catch any audio or video of the performances -- for this you can thank your friendly neighbourhood thieving junkies, who obliged us by kindly breaking our car window and carrying all of our gear off into the night. A shame, yes.

Anyway, the peg line was back, and you were as mad as ever, so please at least enjoy this gallery of your strange contributions. I know I did. Full service resumes next month -- more info later, but ink May 8 into your brain planners, and we'll see you there. And to our thieves -- we hope you're enjoying the performances as much as we did. Come back any time!



Oh noes! Sorry to hear about your equipment. The gallery is very nice. How mercenary is Perth at the moment? *People lock up your podcasting gear and your daughters*. It just isn't right.

Damn, I was looking forward to hearing myself. But maybe it's good that I can't. I guess we can hope the thieves have ODed on their illgotten gains.

My favourite from the pegline: the line about the pangolin who wants to be Kanye West. But he is not. HE IS A PANGOLIN. A message for all of us there hm?

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