Cottonmouth III, Thursday April 10

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Here at Cottonmouth we keep our copy of Strunk & White in a glass cabinet mounted on the wall marked 'break in case of alphabet hazards'. Autumn is such a season of word-ish profligacy and immoderation. And we're reveling in it. Thank goodness there's a Cottonmouth night coming up to pour all your corrugated, rust-pretty words into.

Cottonmouth III will be held on Thursday April 10th at the Rosemount's Bar 459. Releasing their curious voices will be our featured performer, Vogel-winning Julienne Van Loon along with James Quinton, Matt Giles, MC Able, Joe McKee, Rabbit Island, Braydon Harriss, Janet Jackson and others. Musical performance shall be provided by Chris Cobilis (The Tigers). The Cottonmouth typewriter wall returns, there will be buttons and press to buy and a cake to crunch. 

Doors open at 7pm for open mic registration, with Mr. Cobilis kicking off the night at 8pm. $5.00 entry fee. 

If you'd like to speak to us about performing in future months, or selling your zines and wordy merch on the night, it's easy: get in touch


No mention or photo of the literary cookies?

I sent a snap to a literarti in Amsterdam so you can't suppress the magnifitude - it's too late, it's out there.

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