Cottonmouth IV, Thursday May 8

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Shake the dust. Carnivorous wordsmiths do descend from the North carrying heavy hocks of text and the sharpest pencils. Vegetarian journal-keepers are rising from the South with their rattle gun airborne verses. And somewhere in the middle the omnivorous poets protect a Kashmir tract where cottonmouth children play in the thick grass. Word wars are afoot.

Where better to avoid the shrapnel than at a Cottonmouth Night? Speaking in radioactive tongues at Cottonmouth IV are Nandi Chinna, Luke Ryan, Jason Mills, Bec Giggs, The Ponies' K, Nathan Christian-Savage, Mathas, Gosia Basinska and Christina Chau with projections by Gian Manik. Mr. Sean Pollard (New Rules for Boats) bookends our program with two, yes two, sets of music. The typewriter wall soaks up more of your excellent words and prepares to write its Great Australian Novel. The open mic tests all your old diary entries and film scripts. We may well play another 1950s film about urban planning over your heads. Iron your flak jacket! Prepare the turrets! Get ready for the 8TH OF MAY!

Cottonmouth IV takes place at the Rosemount's Bar 459, cnr. of Angove and Fitzgerald Streets on Thursday, May 8. Doors open at 7pm for open mic registration and the night kicks of with music by Mr. Pollard at 8 pm. Bring us your zines, buttons and chapbooks, bring us your ears.

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