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Cottonmouth Four

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Cottonmouth Four happened on Thursday May 8, and the 459 Bar was so packed we had to call it a sell-out!

Thanks very much to all of our performers, and those who had the patience to stick around during the power outage (caused by Tomás' Christmas Lights o' Death, we believe). 

It was a month of breakdowns, it seems - the typewriter also gave in very early on in the evening, but hopefully we'll get some of the handwritten goods from the peglines up shortly.

If you'd like to perform at a future Cottonmouth, please get in touch with us. We'll be back at the 459 Bar on Thursday June 12, at 8pm - get there early, in case we sell out again!

All photos from the night were provided by Tim Davis. We've started to upload audio and images from the performances, video to follow over the next few days.

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Cottonmouth Four: Gosia Basinska

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Gosia Basinska

Polish born, Australian singer, musician and songwriter, Gosia Basinska has been writing and playing music for 14 years. After some time in girl rock bands, she moved onto other projects including fronting the original band Smitten, playing drums and singing for Ten Speed Racer, and working closely with Allan Boyd in Freebase as vocalist and Mitey Co as guest vocalist.

More recently her music projects include: recording an album that is currently being mixed by Mikael Hakkarainen and mastered by Esa Santonen in Finland, working collaboratively with musicians from the UK, Italy on small projects and also with musicians from New-Zealand on an album called Dhialogue, singing Jazz at La Tropicana Cafe and integrating music into the Elegant Pedlars' performances.

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Christina Chau

Christina Chau - lover of ponies and crabs but unfortunately one of them doesn't make it in her story. Gian Manik is currently teaching and making around town, projecting complements for Christina tonight.

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Cottonmouth Four: Mathas

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My name is Mathas.

I've been here for 24 years.

Up until a month or so ago, I'd lived in the same house my entire life.

I've never broken any bones and had two impressive parents.

Now I push cappuccinos down people's throats, squish syllables into 4/4 and take the piss out of things.

I run "The Community" with my fellow community of music kids.

I try to be nice to everybody because there isn't enough circumstantial evidence put forward in daily interaction to judge one's perspective.. and my third eye doesn't work yet.

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Cottonmouth Four: K

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K (The Ponies)

K. I make a zine called The Ponies.  The launch party for Edition 10 is May 23rd at Spectrum.  I also made a side-project zine called "Letters to my Exes" where I wrote a letter to every person I've ever been with - things I remember about them, things I learnt about them, things I hate about them. I'll be reading from that.

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Cottonmouth Four: Luke Ryan

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Luke Ryan

Luke Ryan is an occasional student, recurrent man of leisure and part-time cancer patient. Luke likes to think that he's putting the 'can' into cancer, although he takes no responsibility for the 'cer' part. Either way, his performance has nothing to do with cancer, but he figured he'd just slot that in there to butter you up a little.

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Cottonmouth Four: Nandi Chinna

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Nandi Chinna is a Fremantle based writer and performer. Her poetry has been widely published in journals and anthologies and has been broadcast on RTRFM, 6PR  and Radio National. Her short stories 'Ralph' and 'Ink Stained Fingers' were performed in London as part of the web based installation 1001 nights, by performance artist Barbara Cambell. Nandi also works as an actor in theatre, and toured Ireland in 2007 with the show 'Three Women.' She co-ordinates VOICEBOX a monthly poetry and performance event at La Tropicana Cafe in Fremantle. WA. Her first collection of poetry 'Our Only Guide is Our homesickness' was published in the Five Islands Press New Poets publishing program in 2007. She is currently writing a Master of Arts in poetry at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

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Cottonmouth Four: Jason Mills

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Jason Mills

Jason Mills is the title given to the supernatural being, who, in mainstream religions, is believed to be a powerful, evil entity and the tempter of humankind. Jason is commonly associated with heretics, infidels, and other unbelievers. Many other religions have a trickster or tempter figure that is similar to Jason. Modern conceptions of him include the concept that he symbolizes humans' own lower nature or sinfulness. Jason has also been used to explain why people hold beliefs that are considered to be false or sinful... he's currently performing poetry until his telemarketing career takes off. 

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