Cottonmouth Four

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Cottonmouth Four happened on Thursday May 8, and the 459 Bar was so packed we had to call it a sell-out!

Thanks very much to all of our performers, and those who had the patience to stick around during the power outage (caused by Tomás' Christmas Lights o' Death, we believe). 

It was a month of breakdowns, it seems - the typewriter also gave in very early on in the evening, but hopefully we'll get some of the handwritten goods from the peglines up shortly.

If you'd like to perform at a future Cottonmouth, please get in touch with us. We'll be back at the 459 Bar on Thursday June 12, at 8pm - get there early, in case we sell out again!

All photos from the night were provided by Tim Davis. We've started to upload audio and images from the performances, video to follow over the next few days.

Download Zine Issue Four (May)

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