Cottonmouth Four: Gosia Basinska

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Gosia Basinska

Polish born, Australian singer, musician and songwriter, Gosia Basinska has been writing and playing music for 14 years. After some time in girl rock bands, she moved onto other projects including fronting the original band Smitten, playing drums and singing for Ten Speed Racer, and working closely with Allan Boyd in Freebase as vocalist and Mitey Co as guest vocalist.

More recently her music projects include: recording an album that is currently being mixed by Mikael Hakkarainen and mastered by Esa Santonen in Finland, working collaboratively with musicians from the UK, Italy on small projects and also with musicians from New-Zealand on an album called Dhialogue, singing Jazz at La Tropicana Cafe and integrating music into the Elegant Pedlars' performances.

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