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Cottonmouth Zine: Issue 5

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So we keep running out of copies of our zine on the night, it doesn't matter how many we print. If you missed out, please placate yourself with a digital replica in the Portable Document Format. And if you contribute something next time, you'll definitely get yourself a copy!

Download Cottonmouth Issue 5 (PDF)

The zine was edited by Scott-Patrick Mitchell, with layout by Patrick Pittman and illustrations of televisions and vampire teeth by Jessyca Hutchens.

Cottonmouth Five

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We were back at the 459 Bar on Thursday June 12, and thankfully our steampunk-powered amplification and reproduction technologies managed to stay functional for the entire night.

It was another huge one with a great crowd and a wonderful and extremely all-over-the-place selection of readers and performers. Any month that features zombie rockumentaries and nutso mad percussion alongside established poets who I've respected for years gets my vote by default.

Here's a gallery of shots by this month's excellent photographer Jane Bennett. We shall get performances up for you shortly, and the peg-wall will be uploaded for your reading pleasure as soon as I can figure out how to write a bulk Photoshop action to remove the penises that some lovely person drew on every single one.

If you want to perform at a future Cottonmouth, odds are we want you as well. Get in touch, why don't you?

We'll see you in July.

Cottonmouth Five: John Mateer

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John Mateer CM5

John Mateer's work has been variously described as 'inquisitorial' and 'as much at the frontier of language as at the frontier of a psyche', 'finely tuned' & 'powerfully intense', his poetry has received international attention. Born in Johannesburg, Mateer has published 5 books including poetry and travel writing. Elsewhere, his latest book, collects poems written in South Africa, Japan, the US & Mexico. He now lives in Perth.

Listen to John

Video after the jump

Cottonmouth Five: Jimmy Jack

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Jimmy Jack CM5

Jimmy Jack AKA Jimmy the Exploder wrote screenplays for the feature films The Black Balloon and Five Guys Named Moe. He will read an excerpt from his current screenplay The Zombies: sex, brains & rock'n'roll.

Listen to Jimmy

Cottonmouth Five: Patrick Pittman

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Patrick Pittman CM5

Patrick Pittman fashions zeroes and ones into a variety of shapes, depending on passing clouds of mood and flitting interest. These include words of fiction and words of reportage, radio broadcasts, blogs, successful businesses, many thousands of websites, databases and strange pieces of software, glorious Gantt charts, ridiculous art projects and far too many long, verbose emails. When asked what he does for a living, he usually shrugs and lets someone else answer the question. He supposes he is some form of bitsmith.

Listen to Patrick

Cottonmouth Five: SalamandaStrong

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SalamandaStrong CM5

Somewhere in the dark and nasty region where nobody goes, stands an ancient castle. Deep within this dank and uninviting place lives Berk, overworked servant of thing upstairs. But that's nothing compared to the horrors that lurk beneath the trap door, for there is always something down there, in the dark, waiting to come out.

Don't you open that trapdoor, you're a fool if you dare. Stay away from that trapdoor, cause there's something down there.

SalamandaStrong love dragons and trapdoors and cellophane lights.

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Cottonmouth Five: Kate-Anna Williams

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Kate-Anna Williams is not a very interesting person. In her final year of a fine arts course, she works with text, using language as subject matter as well as a medium. In her spare time Kate-Anna writes very small stories, generally detailing her own neurosis. In 2008 she has been working on a chapter for the publication First Page.

Listen to Kate-Anna

Cottonmouth Five: Byron Bard

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Byron Bard CM5

Byron Bard is a poet, playwright, novelist, visual artist, martial artist, and genius. When not basking in the glory of his renaissance masculinity, he gazes wistfully at the night sky.

Listen to Byron Bard

Cottonmouth Five: Gabrielle Everall

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Gabrielle Everall CM5

Gabrielle Everall has published Dona Juanita and the love of boys which is for sale at both Cottonmouth and Planet Books. She has performed at BDO, Overload, NYWF, Emerging Writer's Festival, Putting on an Act.  She writes erotic poetry and prose.

Listen to Gabrielle

Cottonmouth V, Thursday June 12

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Rich seams of lit bubble up through the ground and at Cottonmouth we've got our picks at the ready. Get set for a geyser of oily fictions in June.

Hear poems from the masterful South African/Australian/Japanese-resident John Mateer, author of the recently published 'Elsewhere' collection as well as thinner volumes Loanwords, Barefoot Speech and Burning Swans (amongst others). Jimmy Jack (The Black Balloon) reads from his latest screenplay - a zombie rockumentary. Kate-Anna Williams delivers flash, palm-sized fictions. Braydon Harriss will tell some crime stories with a guitar. SalamandaStrong love dragons and trapdoors and cellophane lights. Gabrielle Everall, author of "Dona Juanita and the Love of Boys" will dive into the lush of her recent work. Patrick Pittman and Simon Cox will orate their fictions and poems.

Music bookends provided by Stina (robot waltzes to make you cry and kiss strangers).

Doors open at 7pm for open mic registration, with Stina kicking off the night at 8pm. $5.00 entry fee. Last month was a sell-out event, so be sure to get down early, as we all get very sad when he have to tell you that you can't come in.

Cottonmouth V takes place at the Rosemount's Bar 459, cnr. of Angove and Fitzgerald Streets on Thursday, June 12. Doors open at 7pm for open mic registration and the night kicks of with music by Stina at 8 pm. Bring us your zines, buttons and chapbooks, bring us your ears.