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Cottonmouth VI, Thursday July 10

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Attention Shoppers.

Are you in the market for fictions? Compelled by stories in the mouseprint on cans of bamboo shoots? Nutritional-poetry in the ink stains on egg shells? It's time to drop your groceries in the aisles and trolley over to Cottonmouth VI.

Cottonmouth night VI is happening on Thursday, July 10 at the usual haunt - Bar 459 in the back of the Rosemount Hotel. As a gift for our sixth birthday (yes! It's been six months! We're street-legal!) Cottonmouth has inherited the most beautiful sky-blue typewriter, set with inks of many colours and consistencies. It hungers for your touch.

Cottonmouth VI sees wordsmiths Cassie Lynch, Kevin Gillam, Annamaria Weldon, Jay Pruyn, JJ DeCeglie, Martin McKenzie-Murray and Crispin Wellington take to the stage. Claire French and Gemma Willing perform new words from dramaturgy. Paul Carter, author of the fulsomely titled "Don't Tell Mum I Work on the Rigs, She Thinks I'm a Piano Player in a Whorehouse" and "This Is Not a Drill" tells evocative stories with jungle themes.

Adam Trainer makes music to bracket the set. This is truly an exciting line-up.

Doors open at 7 pm for open mic registration and the night kicks off with Mr. Trainer at 8 pm. Gather your dairy goods and perishables, bring $5 worth of change, and meet us there. Shoppers, it's the end of the financial year and poems and fables are CHEAP at Cottonmouth!