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Cottonmouth Seven

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Cottonmouth Seven was another fantastic sellout, packing the 459 to its slightly creaky rafters. This month, we teamed up with the super talented folks behind the First Page to present a showcase of the various writers and creative smart kids who were behind that beautiful publication. For musical accompaniment, we were joined by Craig McElhinney, Rabbit Island and Lil Leonie Lionheart. And, shucks, they were all just great.

Continue to browse below this entry for a selection of performances from what I think was our best night yet and when you've done with that, download our August zine for an even more sprawling selection of excellent talent of the writerly and illustratorly variety.

We're a little behind in uploading stuff to the site, but I make a solemn promise to you that I'll get things up from the July Cottonmouth real shortly, so do stay tuned. We'll see you at the 459 Bar on Wednesday September 10 for the next installment, more details of which anon.

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Cottonmouth Seven: Rebecca Giggs

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Bec Giggs8.jpg

Rebecca Giggs is most inspired when on public transportation traveling above bodies of water: train trips over rivers are good, plane flights over oceans are better. She is currently writing a novel about waves, an early extract of which appears in this anthology. Rebecca sits on the Board of the Fremantle Press and helps runs the Cottonmouth spoken word project, along with other members of The Concrete Organisation. She stores her manuscripts in the freezer in case of a house fire.

Cottonmouth Seven: Matthew Giles

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Matt Giles6.jpg

Matthew Giles writes music journalism for The West Australian and Mess + Noise, studies creative writing and cultural studies at Curtin University and publishes small-run publications in Perth. In 2007 he co-edited the highly popular Love is My Velocity Cookbook. First Page is his second self-publication project and contains his first major work of fiction.

Cottonmouth Seven: Jessyca Hutchens

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Jess Hutchens10.jpg

Jessyca Hutchens is a freelance illustrator and occasional writer and is currently competing her Honours thesis on curatorship. Together with Matthew Giles, she has greatly enjoyed pursuing, managing and realizing First Page. She thanks her excellent mother and sister for leaving their histology books around the house, providing an endless source of inspiration.

Cottonmouth Seven: Josh Fontaine

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Josh Fontaine4.jpg

Josh Fontaine is one of Perth's finest musicians and songwriters who has gigged around Perth for the better part of a decade as singer and guitarist in beloved but disbanded group the Stickfigures and as a soloist. He is now in the process of recording his debut album and putting together another band but this has been stymied by his fanatical efforts putting together his piece for First Page, much to the chagrin of his fans. They, bothersome gnats that they are, should be appeased by the revelation that his prose is as mighty and belletristic as his music.

Cottonmouth Seven: Tristan Fidler

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Tristan Fidler3.jpg

Tristan Fidler is a graduate from the University of Western Australia who completed a PhD Thesis focusing on three music video directors; Chris Cunningham, Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze. An essay he wrote on two Cunningham videos was published in a book entitled Music, Metamorphosis and Capitalism, still available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing. More to the point, First Page is his first piece of fiction and illustration to be available from certain bookstores so he's quite excited about that. Otherwise, Tristan is also creator and editor of, as well as persistent contributor to, his Perth-based zine about parties and such, which goes out under the name of I Am Still In Yesterday's Clothes.

Cottonmouth Seven: Kate-Anna Williams

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Kate Anna Williams2.jpg

Kate-Anna Williams is not a very interesting person. She spends her days writing about things that have happened to her, or reading about things that she wished would. She also makes images, generally revolving around these topics: language, neurosis and daydreams. Kate-Anna's pictures have been shown about Perth in places like Keith and Lottie, Behind the Monkey and La La Orange, and nationally in Frankie magazine. In 2008 she is set to complete her studies in visual art and visual culture, and looks forward to furthering her writing practice.

Cottonmouth Seven: Anna Dunnill

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Anna Dunnill7.jpg

Anna Dunnill is an art student who writes. Actually, most of her art is really writing in disguise. She is interested in personal narratives and translucent paper, as well as tea, music and interstitial fiction. Her work has been published in Voiceworks magazine and a few small and widely undistributed self-made zines.

Cottonmouth Seven: Natalie Davis

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Nat Davis

Natalie Davis lives, but mostly works in Perth, where she enjoys allowing David Attenborough to fill her brains with stories of species. A couple of degrees in the arts and a deal of overseas living has thrown her practice around a bit, but she has stayed true to illustration, and a desire for narrative. Natalie works digitally so she can trick herself into making work whilst surfin' her internets.

Cottonmouth plays host to the glisteningly new publication from Love Is My Velocity, First Page, this August. Sending their words airborne are contributors Kate-Anna Williams, Tristan Fidler, Anna Dunhill, Matthew Giles, Katie Lenanton, Jessyca Hutchens, Rebecca Giggs and Josh Fontaine.

Musical support this month comes at you in triumvirate in the form of Lil Leonie Lionheart, Rabbit Island and Craig McElhinny (Eleventh He Reaches London)

Cottonmouth featuring First Page takes place on Wednesday August 13 at Bar 459 in the back of the Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth. (NOTE this is a different night to the normal Thursday). Doors open at 7 pm for open mic registration and the night kicks off at 8 pm. $5 for all the bright blather from some of Perth's best wordsmiths. Bring your best typewriter hands and your hungry ears. The First Page Anthology will be available to buy on the night.