Cottonmouth Seven

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Cottonmouth Seven was another fantastic sellout, packing the 459 to its slightly creaky rafters. This month, we teamed up with the super talented folks behind the First Page to present a showcase of the various writers and creative smart kids who were behind that beautiful publication. For musical accompaniment, we were joined by Craig McElhinney, Rabbit Island and Lil Leonie Lionheart. And, shucks, they were all just great.

Continue to browse below this entry for a selection of performances from what I think was our best night yet and when you've done with that, download our August zine for an even more sprawling selection of excellent talent of the writerly and illustratorly variety.

We're a little behind in uploading stuff to the site, but I make a solemn promise to you that I'll get things up from the July Cottonmouth real shortly, so do stay tuned. We'll see you at the 459 Bar on Wednesday September 10 for the next installment, more details of which anon.

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