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Cottonmouth Eight: Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig

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Afeif Ismail
Listen to Afeif (translated by Vivienne Glance)

Cottonmouth Eight: Lily Chan

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Lily Chan
Listen to Lily

Cottonmouth Eight: Joanna Gould

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Joanna Gould
Listen to Joanna

Cottonmouth Eight: Vivienne Glance

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Vivienne Glance
Listen to Vivienne

Cottonmouth Eight: Sue Clennell

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Sue Clennell
Listen to Sue

Cottonmouth Eight: Dissent of Didymus

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Dissent of Didymus
Listen to Dissent of Didymus

Cottonmouth Eight: Andrew Ryan

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Andrew Ryan
Listen to Andrew

Cottonmouth VIII: Wednesday September 10

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Can you hear faint whisperings in your ear, the crackle and hiss of a stray radio signal? The voices, they tell of a time and a place in the not too distant future. They announce the arrival of Cottonmouth VIII.

Broadcasting loud and clear from the Bar 459 stage on Wednesday the 10th (yep it's Wednesday again), will be Joanna Gould, Sue Clennell, Andrew Ryan, Dissent of Didymus and Lily Chan. Stay tuned in for our double-headed headline; the explosive Jimmy the Exploder and Afeif Ismail Abdelrazig. Meandering musical tales will be sweetly sung by 7 Weapons, and epic psych-folk narratives woven by Leopard Messiah.

Doors open at 7pm, with performances transmitting from 8pm. Arrive early for open mic registration if you're keen to enter the fray. It's $5 for the entire evening of sounding, speaking, moving delights. Bring your wide eyes, open ears and typing hands.