Cottonmouth IX: Thursday October 16

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Last week Cottonmouth was proud to release 12 mad frolicking, free falling, tongue waggling individuals upon the National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle. There they spun out of control into every part of the festival, voices falling upon multiple microphones, zines flying into eager eastern states hands and words dropping and flailing upon every page, stage and street corner Newcastle had to offer.

Still reeling, they have returned home just in time for Cottonmouth IX. So come to the 459 Bar of the Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St North Perth, and join in welcoming home:

  • Tomas Ford (Performing as well as MC-ing!);
  • Scott-Patrick Mitchell;
  • K (The Ponies);
  • Jessyca Hutchens;
  • James Quinton;
  • MC Able;
  • Jay Pruyn;
  • Byron Bard;
  • Amber Fresh;
  • Patrick Pittman; and
  • Simon Cox.

Our stray travelers will be joined by the note-moulding magic of Field of Sound and Mystic Eyes, who will provide both audio and visual pleasures.

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!

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