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The Cottonmouth Zine - Latest Issues

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It's been a while since we've specifically posted about our increasingly excellent monthly zine. So here is that. The latest issue features an amazing array of contributors, some of whom are drawn from the pool of Cottonmouth performers, others of whom are our very favourite writers from around the country and the world. It also features an illustration of Nikola Tesla, which should be more than enough to make you click that link and get reading.

Download Cottonmouth Issue 11 (December)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 10 (November)

Back Issues

Download Cottonmouth Issue 9 (October)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 8 (September)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 7 (August)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 6 (July)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 5 (June)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 4 (May)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 3 (April)

Cottonmouth Nine Performances

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It took a while, but I've finally managed to get up all of our performances from the post-Newcastle spectacular showcase that was October's Cottonmouth. Video-only this month, for boring technical reasons, and likewise that means you don't get Tomas Ford's wonderful performance which happened somewhere deep in the depths of the audience. 

We haven't uploaded the fruits of your pegboard labours in some time, those will be coming very soon as I've made friends with my scanner again. Meantime, here's a gallery of photographs taken by the best Gene Eaton in the entire world. See you at the 459 Bar real soon, no? Bring your notebook, we'll let you read from it.

Cottonmouth X: Thursday November 13

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Please join us for Cottonmouth number ten, where we will celebrate everything exceptional about the semi-meandric, noncototient, biprime number by bringing you ten commanding performers.

1. Silver Bulletin
*sustained acoustic dirges*
2. Ray Grenfell
3. Alan Fyfe
4. Miriam McKenna
5. Craig Silvey (FEATURE)
*Rhubarb author and ukelele whiz-kid*
6. Carbuncle
*tales from psychedelic caves*
7. Ferron Dearnley
8. Leonie Brialey
9. Ben Young &
10. Bec Giggs

A dewey decimal library full of literary delight to the power of ten!

Takes place at the usual haunt, Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth on Thursday November 13. Doors now open at 7:30pm with Silver Bulletin marching this decapod army forth at 8pm. Five bucks!