Cottonmouth X: Thursday November 13

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Please join us for Cottonmouth number ten, where we will celebrate everything exceptional about the semi-meandric, noncototient, biprime number by bringing you ten commanding performers.

1. Silver Bulletin
*sustained acoustic dirges*
2. Ray Grenfell
3. Alan Fyfe
4. Miriam McKenna
5. Craig Silvey (FEATURE)
*Rhubarb author and ukelele whiz-kid*
6. Carbuncle
*tales from psychedelic caves*
7. Ferron Dearnley
8. Leonie Brialey
9. Ben Young &
10. Bec Giggs

A dewey decimal library full of literary delight to the power of ten!

Takes place at the usual haunt, Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth on Thursday November 13. Doors now open at 7:30pm with Silver Bulletin marching this decapod army forth at 8pm. Five bucks!


Joanna Gould on November 18, 2008 1:41 PM

I took photos of the performers this night so if anyone is interested (including cottonmouth) in gettign digital copies send me an email.

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