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Cottonmouth Fifteen

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Cottonmouth XV happened at the 459 Bar on Thursday April 16. It was a great night, and probably one of my personal favourites of late. Both Pex and Pond sent the crowd into off-kilter musical frenzies (or frenzied mind trips at the least), and special guest MC Byron Bard threw down hard on Tomás Ford's home turf.

Want to keep the love alive? Well, you can download our April zine here. Or you can listen to some of the performances below. The audio recorder crapped out in the intermission, so we've only got the first four, but the video is making its way up as we speak.

Listen to Bec Giggs
Listen to James Quinton
Listen to Leonie Brialey
Listen to Janet Jackson

We'll be back in May -- keep an eye on the site for more details. (And yes, I know there's lots from past months we still have to upload. We will. Promises.)

Cottonmouth XV: Thursday April 16

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  • Joanna Gould
  • Tiffany Ha
  • Janet Jackson
  • Jimmy the Exploder
  • James Quinton
  • Leonie Brialey
  • Bec Giggs
  • Paul Harrison

As well as musical performances by Pond and Pex.

As always, doors open at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start. Entry is $5. Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth. Please get down early to sign up for the open mic, and please make use of the typewriter, which might actually be there this time.