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Cottonmouth XVI: Thursday, May 14

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The winter refuses to come. We keep it at bay. We're pretty sure it should be colder by now. We're starting to wonder when we get to wear our big coats. We gather in crowded bars with splendid friends, share secrets and swap stories of the Shangri-Las. We turn sixteen and we wonder why we don't bake cakes any more. It is May already? It is.

Blowing in from the east, feature reader STEVE SMART is well known to anybody who has frequented the scungy poetry bars of Melbourne -- we're pleased to invite him into our own for a performance you're not likely to forget. And just check this out for a hell awesome1 complete lineup, wandering down many strange corners of the darker narrative arts:


Music? Just as awesome. That will be SPLENDID FRIENDS (Cottonmouth faves Craig McElhinney and Camryn Rothenbury) and BENJAMIN GOLBY of New Rules For Boats (and a quite marvellous solo release last year).

For his performance, James Berlyn will be collecting your deepest, darkest secrets in a jar, so please make sure they're not repressed when you get here -- we'll be directing you towards our confessional typewriter for an in-confidence purge.

Join us, please, and keep the winter away just a little bit longer. Bar 459 at the Rosemount, Thursday May 14, doors at 7.30, stuff starts at 8. Be early to register for the open mic. If your ears are bleeding with drum and bass, you're in the right pub but the wrong room. Just keep calm and carry on through to the back, where we'll be ready and waiting to bleed your ears in that special Cottonmouth way.

If you've got zines, books, CDs, badges, cookbooks or anything else you want to sell at our front desk, bring them down, even if you're not performing. We don't take any commission, we just love to sell your stuff.

1. For your reference: on the scale of awesome, "hell awesome" sits just above "damned awesome" and only slightly below "I got Springsteen tickets!".