Cottonmouth XVII: Thursday, June 11

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Oh, June, we haven't been looking forward to you.

What's that? Yes, you're right June, we have put together a lineup that makes you the biggest Cottonmouth ever. Yes, June, people will be fighting each other just to get in and see you. But here's the sad bit, and the reason why they're going to such an effort: you are the very last monthly Cottonmouth for 2009. June, how could you?

Here's a strange Wikipedia fact about the number 17:

"In Italian culture, the number 17 is considered unlucky. When viewed as the Roman numeral, XVII, it is then changed anagramatically to VIXI, which in the Latin language it translates to 'I have lived', the perfect tense implying 'My life is over'."

We have lived. After a year and a half wrestling with this crazy beautiful word-beast we've built, proudly watching her grow up to become one of this town's and this country's most eligible word-beasts, we're in need of a little time to recharge.

So. Hiatus-warming party, anyone? This lineup is a greatest hits collection with no filler whatsoever, featuring a selection of some of the most outstanding readers from the last sixteen installments plus three of your favourite Cottonmouth musical starlets.

Firstly, a greatest hits collection needs a new track to entice you, and we're not going to just give you some lame outtake that wasn't even worth a B-side. No sir. Leading the lineup for this last-hurrah-for-now is shapeshifting Melbourne guest TOM CHO, whose new short-story collection "Look Who's Morphing" has the West Australian calling him a "modern Ovid" (and the Sydney Morning Herald incisively decreed that he "is obviously clever and can write well").

Backing up Tom are ten of the strongest performers we've had in our time together so far. All are wonderful. If you've been to at least one Cottonmouth before, you'll likely have encountered and loved at least a couple from this delectable selection:

And I haven't even mentioned the bands, June! RABBIT ISLAND will once more take the stage with LI'L LEONIE LIONHEART (hopefully armed with their sketchbooks)! And CARBUNCLE will blow your minds just as they did last year when they were on a slightly different SalamandaStrong sort of trip! Some of us are still recovering.

Meantime, come down to the 459 Bar, Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth, on Thursday June 11 to help us celebrate what we've all built together. Five bucks, doors open 7.30, musical mayhem at 8, spoken words soonafter.

If you want to take part in the final open mic, make sure you get down early to get your name on the list before it fills up. As ever, if you've got zines, books, CDs, badges, manifestos against capitalism or anything else you want to sell at our front desk, bring them down. We don't take any commission, we just love to sell your stuff and give you the money. Drunk people also seem to like to buy your stuff, particularly if it's pretty.

Let's do this, June. Let's make 'em proud.

The Future?

While the engines cool over the next six months, we'll be back with a few very special one-off events, so we're not going to be too far away. It's a hiatus, okay? We're on a break. Just spending some time apart?

Regular monthly Cottonmouths will return in the early part of next year, and we'll soon be sending a callout for new committee members along with information on some of our special gigs throughout break time (including the launch of our "it's looking bloody amazing" anthology somewhere around September). Her life is not over, and she'll be back with you before you know it.

Sign up to the mailing list using the box over to the right if you want to stay up to date with us, or hook up on Facebook, or, y'know, subscribe to an RSS feed or something. We have many options for instant Cottonmouth Fact Delivery. It's Your Choice.

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