Cottonmouth XXVIII, Tuesday August 2

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A month away, yes, and I know you've had words, you've had voices, and you've had music. Maybe you even had some Byron Bard on the side (he gets around, we know). What you've been really missing though, I know, is the night when all of these precious things coagulate into a vibrant spectacle known as Cottonmouth.

For August, we have something special - basically, a new night and a new venue! Yes, like any important thing in your life that leaves you momentarily, we have returned changed. Different. New.

As the old poem goes, The Bird is the word, yes, but on the first TUESDAY night of each month, THE BIRD will be for the word, particularly that word known as COTTONMOUTH. We return to you on Tuesday 2 August, resurfacing for a restaging of the night you've been really missing, really exploring the space of The Bird as best we can, because Tuesday nights right? The Bird. Tuesday nights. The Bird. Tuesday nights. You're picking up what we're putting down, yes? 

As per usual, Tomas Ford MCs your face off, swinging on a chandelier to lead the resumption into a consumption for your ears, which are begging for it, I know.

Though he's sullied his reputation with others, Byron Bard will be Chancelloring the Open Mic like the elegant despot he claims to be, undertaking the overtaking of the stage by the great unwashed.

Further words are to be found in the printed medium, the Perth Zine Collective as they open up their wares for perusal, zines to purchase for all those lonely nights when Cottonmouth cannot keep you company. One night a month is so fleeting, I know...

So, open your arms and embrace us warmly, because we've missed you too!

In the meantime, submit to the zine at

WHAT:: Cottonmouth XXVIII

WHEN: 7:30pm Tuesday 2 August 2011

WHERE: The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge WA

HOW MUCH: $5 entry; $20 entry + Cottonmouth anthology

'Zine: by donation

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