Cottonmouth XXIX, Tuesday September 6

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Why hello there, September. Fancy seeing you in a bar like this? Can I buy you a drink? No? What would you prefer? Enough triple-charged words to send you out to Mars? I think we've got the night for you with the return of Cottonmouth with  enough blather to turn you out into a lather.

Yes, the date is Tuesday the 6th of September and we're taking you out to The Bird once again for a night on the town.

Our Maitre d' will be the debonair dignitary Tomas Ford, serving us up a main course of bodies, mouths and voices on-stage for delectable consumption. Tut tut, but what will our main course be, September? What treats await us?

Our performers will be:

Steve McCall

Benjamin Mulvey

The Scrutineer of Splodge

David Vincent Smith

St John Cowcher

Daniel Kershaw

Khin Mynt

Eva Bujalka 

Nothing fans intimacy between us, September, than the music of the spheres...

Our music acts are:

Mobb Saraswati and


Dessert will be provided by that suave sod Byron Bard, providing us surprising sweets in those who bite at the chomp for the Open Mic.

And if we need further advice on the practicalities of when to make a sure-fire seduction of September or at least when to read the signals right, the Perth Zine Collective will provide advice and wisdom stored in the printed words they have for purchase.

Dress up to the nines and we'll open the door for you, September. Our words may be polished or our words may be rough, but they'll be sincerely full of love for you. As long as we can go steady.

While you think it over, submit to the zine at!

WHAT: Cottonmouth XXVIII
WHEN: 7:30pm Tuesday 6 September 2011
WHERE: The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge WA

HOW MUCH: $5 entry; $20 entry + Cottonmouth anthology
ZINE: by donation

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