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Cottonmouth XXII: Byron Bard

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Since September 2nd, 2010, it has been my privilege to serve as Cottonmouth's Chancellor of the Open Mic. During my tenure, I have borne witness to the nativity of many fine spoken word performances, gazed admiringly into the metaphorical birth canals of many talented artistes, and greedily devoured the placentas of many superb creative
pieces. In this I have been ably assisted by my Vice-Chancellors, each of whom selected a Speaker of Words for the month of his or her appointment.

To all open mic performers, Vice-Chancellors, Speakers of Words, and, of course, audience members, I offer my thanks for sharing their words, voices, hearts, minds, applause, and enthusiasm. Spoken word is a most exciting art form, an anarchic maelstrom of diverse minds and voices. It is both a depository and a clearing house of change, and we must offer up and accept that change with equal grace.

With great sadness, I hereby tender my resignation as Cottonmouth's Chancellor of the Open Mic, and announce that the Open Mic is now to be replaced by the New Open Mic.

As my last official act as Chancellor of the Open Mic, I hereby appoint myself as Chancellor of the New Open Mic.

As Chancellor of the New Open Mic, I gratefully acknowledge the brilliance and dedication of my predecessor, and, in his memory, declare that the New Open Mic will henceforth be referred to as the Open Mic, and I as Chancellor of same.

I pledge that this will be the first of many changes, and that the reinvigorated Open Mic will be the home of variety and originality, and I call on all past and future friends of the Open Mic to help make it so.

I proudly remain your humble servant,


Byron Bard

Chancellor of the Open Mic

Cottonmouth Seventeen: Byron Bard

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Cottonmouth Five: Byron Bard

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Byron Bard CM5

Byron Bard is a poet, playwright, novelist, visual artist, martial artist, and genius. When not basking in the glory of his renaissance masculinity, he gazes wistfully at the night sky.

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Cottonmouth Two: Byron Bard

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Byron Bard

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