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Why hello there, September. Fancy seeing you in a bar like this? Can I buy you a drink? No? What would you prefer? Enough triple-charged words to send you out to Mars? I think we've got the night for you with the return of Cottonmouth with  enough blather to turn you out into a lather.

Yes, the date is Tuesday the 6th of September and we're taking you out to The Bird once again for a night on the town.

Our Maitre d' will be the debonair dignitary Tomas Ford, serving us up a main course of bodies, mouths and voices on-stage for delectable consumption. Tut tut, but what will our main course be, September? What treats await us?

Our performers will be:

Steve McCall

Benjamin Mulvey

The Scrutineer of Splodge

David Vincent Smith

St John Cowcher

Daniel Kershaw

Khin Mynt

Eva Bujalka 

Nothing fans intimacy between us, September, than the music of the spheres...

Our music acts are:

Mobb Saraswati and


Dessert will be provided by that suave sod Byron Bard, providing us surprising sweets in those who bite at the chomp for the Open Mic.

And if we need further advice on the practicalities of when to make a sure-fire seduction of September or at least when to read the signals right, the Perth Zine Collective will provide advice and wisdom stored in the printed words they have for purchase.

Dress up to the nines and we'll open the door for you, September. Our words may be polished or our words may be rough, but they'll be sincerely full of love for you. As long as we can go steady.

While you think it over, submit to the zine at!

WHAT: Cottonmouth XXVIII
WHEN: 7:30pm Tuesday 6 September 2011
WHERE: The Bird, 181 William Street, Northbridge WA

HOW MUCH: $5 entry; $20 entry + Cottonmouth anthology
ZINE: by donation

Cottonmouth XXV, Thursday 7 April

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Oh. My. Goodness.

April just posted a tumblr about how she's gonna be on tour soon and she's playing in our lil ole town.

We should totally get everybody together and throw April an after-the-show-it's-the-af
ter-party (shout outs to Lil Leonie Lionheart's folk cover version on the uke) sorta near the Hotel lobby (ie the 459)! Seriously dudes 'n dudettes, let's throw April one mean performance art party.
Cottonmouth XXV bam bam bam... (Can you believe we're up to 25?!?! Holy crabsticks!)

On Thursday 7 April at 7:30pm, the 459 Bar stage will once again bear the brunt of the larger-than-life Tomas Ford who will, with a egomaniacal sweetheartedness, swoon you through spoken-worders, old skool poets, sound artists, playwrights, new-media-welders and modern heartbreakers.

We've got a line-up in store for ya that'll make ya wanna clap your hands and sing "Mercy, Oh Mercy Me!".

Performers include:

Michael Collins
Andrea Gibbs
Alex Kannis
Bobby von Baker
Clayton Lin
Jackson Lawlor
Zoe Barron

Musical guests are:

Andrew Ryan

As always, the Chancellor Byron Bard, presents his open stage with open arms and an open scowl. Sign up before 10pm peeps.
Read up on the Bard's friendly proclamation.

In the meantime, submit to the zine yo!

When: 7:30pm Thursday 7 April 2011
Where: 459 Bar Rosemount Hotel 459 Fitzgerald St North Perth
How much: $5 entry; $20 entry + Cottonmouth anthology
'Zine: by donation

As part of the Perth leg of the national ARTillery Youth Arts Festival 2010, we've teamed up with Amnesty for a special event, on a special night, at a special venue, at a special time.

Our last huzzah of 2010 sees us swooping down on The William Street Bird at 6pm on Sunday 5 December. Banding together, all proceeds of the night will assist Amnesty International.

If you witnessed last year's event, then you know - we can see it in your eyes - you know this is the good stuff.

We'll convene local spoken worders, poetical conjurers, narrative alchemists and passionate grandstanders in an exploration of the oppression of basic freedoms. Artists will weave their words to address the repression of basic freedoms - freedom of speech, freedom of association and freedom of assembly as it's the year of Burma's first elections since 1990.

We'll announce our exciting line-up of performers and bands soon.

Our peg wall will have a special theme. Pour your hearts into our typewriters and create messages of hope for Aung San Suu Kyi as part of ARTillery's arts action.

What: Cottonmouth XXI meets Amnesty for ARTillery Spoken Word
When: 6pm Sunday 5 December 2010
Where: The William Street Bird, 181 William St, Northbridge
How much: $10 - all proceeds raised go to Amnesty International

Join ARTillery on Facebook.

Cottonmouth XIV: Thursday, March 12

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Do you have a birthday in autumn? Does the season remind you of party dates that were forecast to be sunny but were inevitably rained out? Did your mother make you clean up the fast-disintegrating scavenger hunt clues in the yard after your friends went home early? Do the gathering clouds compel you toward bars and stitched speech?

If you answered yes to three or more of these questions, you are a tragic individual. You might also enjoy Cottonmouth! This month's performers are a lusty bunch:


Stitchers (Not Belly Itchers)

  • Anna Dunnill
  • Stephen Finch
  • Alex Kannis
  • Kolya Lebedeff
  • Janice Loreck
  • Darren Moroney
  • Ben Mulvey
  • Patrick Pittman
  • Emily Taylor

Guest MC for the evening will be the illustrious Byron Bard.

They are wry, recondite and raring to go. Bar 459, Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth on Thursday March 12. Doors open at 7:30pm for an 8:00pm start. Entry is $5. Please get down early to sign up for the open mic, and please tell us your terrible secrets on the typewriter.

Can we have a third please? Please keep your eyes out for an anthology of the best and brightest contributions to Cottonmouth in the coming months. We are currently accepting new submissions for this project from previous performers and zine contributors. Contact us at for details. Submissions close April 1.

Cottonmouth II, Thursday March 13

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Inky Little Egg Teeth

There are oily parts in this screen. Can you see them? Where the words don't take grip, where the pixels slide off? That's where Cottonmouth II's performers are waiting. In the white-space, with their hot words pursed in their hot mouths. Preparing an atomic flash-over of utterances. Better bring your lead vests. Or vests of any kind. We love your vests.

Cottonmouth II sees words overspill Jeffrey-Jay Fowler, Patrick Pittman, Dosh Luckwell, Tiffany Barton, Aletia K Artemis, Jessyca Hutchens, Martin McKenzie-Murray, Maitland Schnaars, Lily Chan and Byron Bard (amongst others) at the Rosemount's Bar 459 on Thursday, March 13. There will be The Ghost of 29 Megacycles taking form in Mr. Gregory Taw and Co. A real, actual poltergeist come to shake you! There will be literary biscuits. There will be an adamantine Tomas Ford causing trouble. There will be zines and keyboards. Do you know of any better reason to break out the vest?

$5 at the door for all the words you could reasonably digest. 7:00 pm for open mic registration, smallish dancing and drinks. The Ghost of 29 Megacycles will corporealise at 8:00 pm. Come down off the roof, listen and speak with us.