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Cottonmouth XXV: photos by Anon

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More pics at our Flickr

Cottonmouth XIX: photos by Alanna Kusin

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For more photos, see our Flickr page.

Cottonmouth Nine Performances

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It took a while, but I've finally managed to get up all of our performances from the post-Newcastle spectacular showcase that was October's Cottonmouth. Video-only this month, for boring technical reasons, and likewise that means you don't get Tomas Ford's wonderful performance which happened somewhere deep in the depths of the audience. 

We haven't uploaded the fruits of your pegboard labours in some time, those will be coming very soon as I've made friends with my scanner again. Meantime, here's a gallery of photographs taken by the best Gene Eaton in the entire world. See you at the 459 Bar real soon, no? Bring your notebook, we'll let you read from it.

Cottonmouth Five

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We were back at the 459 Bar on Thursday June 12, and thankfully our steampunk-powered amplification and reproduction technologies managed to stay functional for the entire night.

It was another huge one with a great crowd and a wonderful and extremely all-over-the-place selection of readers and performers. Any month that features zombie rockumentaries and nutso mad percussion alongside established poets who I've respected for years gets my vote by default.

Here's a gallery of shots by this month's excellent photographer Jane Bennett. We shall get performances up for you shortly, and the peg-wall will be uploaded for your reading pleasure as soon as I can figure out how to write a bulk Photoshop action to remove the penises that some lovely person drew on every single one.

If you want to perform at a future Cottonmouth, odds are we want you as well. Get in touch, why don't you?

We'll see you in July.

Cottonmouth Four

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Cottonmouth Four happened on Thursday May 8, and the 459 Bar was so packed we had to call it a sell-out!

Thanks very much to all of our performers, and those who had the patience to stick around during the power outage (caused by Tomás' Christmas Lights o' Death, we believe). 

It was a month of breakdowns, it seems - the typewriter also gave in very early on in the evening, but hopefully we'll get some of the handwritten goods from the peglines up shortly.

If you'd like to perform at a future Cottonmouth, please get in touch with us. We'll be back at the 459 Bar on Thursday June 12, at 8pm - get there early, in case we sell out again!

All photos from the night were provided by Tim Davis. We've started to upload audio and images from the performances, video to follow over the next few days.

Download Zine Issue Four (May)

Cottonmouth III: Return of the Pegs

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April's Cottonmouth was, we'd say, the biggest and best yet. And we don't just say that in terms of press release speak -- we packed the 459 Bar to its rafters once more, and the performers were uniformly wonderful. Sadly, this month you won't get to catch any audio or video of the performances -- for this you can thank your friendly neighbourhood thieving junkies, who obliged us by kindly breaking our car window and carrying all of our gear off into the night. A shame, yes.

Anyway, the peg line was back, and you were as mad as ever, so please at least enjoy this gallery of your strange contributions. I know I did. Full service resumes next month -- more info later, but ink May 8 into your brain planners, and we'll see you there. And to our thieves -- we hope you're enjoying the performances as much as we did. Come back any time!


Cottonmouth Two: The Pegboard of Truth

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We generously provide you with a typewriter, paper, pens, string, pegs and a faucet of infinite genius. And this is how you pay us back? Really?


Cottonmouth Two

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Cottonmouth Two went down at the 459 Bar on Thursday March 13, and boy did we have some fun. More than 100 of you mouthers packed the little place to its rafters. 

Thanks to all of our performers, and to Gregory Taw's Ghost of 29 Megacycles for providing the evening with perfect dronescape.

There's no way we're not coming back to inflict more spoken word on you next month, so head down to the Rosie on Thursday April 10 and be ready to type something for the pegboard.

If you'd like to perform at a future Cottonmouth, please get in touch with us and let us know just exactly how you roll.

All photos from the night were generously provided by Tim Davis. Rummage through the other entries for audio and video from our performers.