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Cottonmouth Anthology: Now available for pre-order

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After many months of hard labour from the 'mouthers, our Anthology has finally been delivered to the printers. We've gathered the work of more than 30 amazing writers over 148 beautiful, 100% recycled pages, more than a few of them adorned with beautiful illustrations.

We're accepting pre-orders prior to February 8 for $16 plus p&h. You can pre-order online and get more info just over here

After this date, it will retail for $20. We're going to throw a big launch party in late March and, as a sweetener, ALL pre-orders will get free entry to this gig. I might even throw in a badge or two from our Cottonmouth and Novel Badges collections.

We've got a few more exciting things to tell you in the weeks to come, but I just couldn't wait to let you know about this one.

Cottonmouth Anthology: Call for Submissions

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Cottonmouth is thrilled to announce that it will be publishing an anthology of work by those who have graced our stage (and page) over the last 13 months.

If you have previously performed at Cottonmouth or contributed to our zine then we invite you to submit, or re-submit, work for consideration for the anthology. A selection of previous zine contributions will feature in the book, for which we will be contacting writers shortly to ask for permission to re-publish. If you were not completely happy with your zine contribution the first time around then please send us your freshest edits. Writers are also welcome (and encouraged) to send in entirely new works.

The deadline for submissions is April 1 2009, but the sooner the better. Please submit work even if you feel it isn't entirely up to scratch yet. We have a team of experienced editors at hand who would be happy to help you get your piece publication ready. The word limit is 6, 000 words.

How to Submit:

For a full submission brief, please contact us at well in advance of the deadline.

Submissions are only open to those who have previously performed at Cottonmouth, or who have had work published in our zine.

The Cottonmouth Zine - Latest Issues

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It's been a while since we've specifically posted about our increasingly excellent monthly zine. So here is that. The latest issue features an amazing array of contributors, some of whom are drawn from the pool of Cottonmouth performers, others of whom are our very favourite writers from around the country and the world. It also features an illustration of Nikola Tesla, which should be more than enough to make you click that link and get reading.

Download Cottonmouth Issue 11 (December)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 10 (November)

Back Issues

Download Cottonmouth Issue 9 (October)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 8 (September)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 7 (August)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 6 (July)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 5 (June)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 4 (May)

Download Cottonmouth Issue 3 (April)

Cottonmouth Seven

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Cottonmouth Seven was another fantastic sellout, packing the 459 to its slightly creaky rafters. This month, we teamed up with the super talented folks behind the First Page to present a showcase of the various writers and creative smart kids who were behind that beautiful publication. For musical accompaniment, we were joined by Craig McElhinney, Rabbit Island and Lil Leonie Lionheart. And, shucks, they were all just great.

Continue to browse below this entry for a selection of performances from what I think was our best night yet and when you've done with that, download our August zine for an even more sprawling selection of excellent talent of the writerly and illustratorly variety.

We're a little behind in uploading stuff to the site, but I make a solemn promise to you that I'll get things up from the July Cottonmouth real shortly, so do stay tuned. We'll see you at the 459 Bar on Wednesday September 10 for the next installment, more details of which anon.

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Cottonmouth Zine: Issue 5

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So we keep running out of copies of our zine on the night, it doesn't matter how many we print. If you missed out, please placate yourself with a digital replica in the Portable Document Format. And if you contribute something next time, you'll definitely get yourself a copy!

Download Cottonmouth Issue 5 (PDF)

The zine was edited by Scott-Patrick Mitchell, with layout by Patrick Pittman and illustrations of televisions and vampire teeth by Jessyca Hutchens.

Cottonmouth Zine: Issue 3

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We sold out of copies of our zine at this month's event, so for those of you who missed out, here it is in the form of elegant bitstream. This month we feature contributions from performers, both past and present, as well as a few voices from further afield, who we're glad to bring into the fold.

Enjoy, and get your contributions ready for the next issue, eh?

Download Cottonmouth Issue 3 (PDF)

The zine was edited by Scott-Patrick Mitchell, with layout by Patrick Pittman and illustrations of foetuses and pies by Jessyca Hutchens.